Papageno Stock Charts
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Just 2 mouse clicks to draw a channel (click at left or
right end first).  If you want the channel lines drawn to
screen edge, first check 'Extended channel'.

                          Arrow Keys
Left*      go to earlier date       Ctrl Left     go 10 dates earlier
Right*    go to later date         Ctrl Right  go 10 dates later

Home   go to earliest date     Up         go 20 dates earlier
End      go to latest date         Down     go 20 dates later

Page Up*        Increment Cycle period
Page Down*   Decrement Cycle period

*Hold down Left/Right Arrow or Page Up/Page Down for greater change.
                           Hot Keys
F2 toggles Daily vs. Weekly history file
F7 toggles Log(Y=price) on or off
F9 toggles volume weighted (X axis) on or off

Darvas boxes can be shown on the Daily chart only, or they
can be turned off. While the price remains in a Darvis box,
it has been unable to make 3 closes-up in a row. It may be
desirable to add a stock to a watch list after breaking out
of a Darvas box to the upside.

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